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Mexico International Building Materials Exhibition 2017

The twenty-ninth Mexico International Building Materials Exhibition (CIHAC) will be held at the Centro Banamex center, one of the largest exhibition centers in Latin america. In 16, the twenty-eighth CIHAC show covers an area of 34000 square meters, with more than 500 exhibitors and 25% exhibitors as new exhibitors. According to official statistics, a large number of engineers, residential contractors and government officials came, 39.8% of them were builders and 10.2% were designers. The exhibition volume is impressive. Chinese products are very popular in central and South America and have a huge market share. Xi greatly recently the three visit to Latin America, to discuss trade blueprint, the rapid growth of the rise is currently in the South American region, it is the best time of China’s building materials and Home Furnishing products to enter the South American market at the present stage.
Scope of Exhibits
Bathroom, kitchen equipment: all kinds of sanitary ware, toilet, basin, bathtub, shower room, shower, faucet and accessories, bathroom lighting, mirrors, bathroom hardware, bathroom, kitchen furniture and electrical appliances;
Decoration and decoration materials: all kinds of wall and floor decoration materials, marble, granite, artificial stone, artificial lawn, floor tile, wall tile, mosaic, plaster line, floor, door and window waterproof system, insulating material;
Electrical, lighting equipment: all kinds of indoor and outdoor lamps, electrical switches, sockets, wires, cables, building automation equipment;
Construction, hardware: all kinds of pumps, valves, construction furniture, hardware, doors and windows locks, safety fire equipment.

The twenty-second Russian international hunting tools and fishing tackle Exhibition

Exhibition introduction
Russian international hunting tools and fishing tackle exhibition of the two year, held every year in March and October, has been successfully held 21 sessions. The exhibition is sponsored by Crocus Expo, with high authority, with a long history of rich experience in the exhibition, the exhibition influence in the world and the radiation range is very wide, high degree of internationalization level.
The exhibition area of nearly 10000 square meters, nearly 300 exhibitors from around the world, the number of visitors reached 17000 passengers, including buyers, distributors, wholesalers, agents, will be held during the exhibition industry summit and seminars and professionals to discuss the information and the latest trends, also includes outdoor recreation large family Carnival project aims to provide products and services for the whole family outdoor recreation, including all kinds of outdoor vehicles, hunting, and fishing destination recommendation etc..
Market introduction
Russia, located in Eastern Europe and northern Asia, is the two largest Eurasian country in the world. It has been the world’s leading hunting equipment, fishing tackle enterprises and organizations seeking to enter the world. Russia has a vibrant fishing gear market, including thousands of independent fishing shops across the region. Hunting and fishing has always been one of the Russian men’s favorite sports. With the increasing population of Russia, the number of hunting and fishing enthusiasts is increasing. Most of the products are from the Russian Financial Center in Moscow, but because Russia’s land area, there is a market at all levels, so it will become the breakthrough point of foreign brands to enter the Russian market. At the same time, it is also the best platform for Chinese enterprises to enter the Eurasian market.
Scope of Exhibits
1. fishing: fishing rod, hook, floater, and accessories, a reel, waterproof boots, fishing box, fishing bait, fish, fish and rope detector clues, fishing clothing, fishing knives and other professional;
2. hunting supplies: hunting and outdoor equipment, technical equipment, tracking equipment, range finder, infrared detector, tents, clothing, shoes and so on;
3., leisure products: Ski supplies, bicycles, outdoor picnic supplies, underwater hunting supplies, off-road vehicles, boats, boats, hovercraft, boats and so on;
4. other: tents, navigation systems, lighting equipment, purple / infrared equipment, outdoor barbecue supplies, gifts, souvenirs category.

The eighth Russia international road construction and Machinery Exhibition

Exhibition introduction:
Russia’s international road construction machinery exhibition in Russian Federation and the strong support of the Ministry of transportation and the federal highway agencies, Russia Highway Management Association and the association of highway construction project, has been successfully held seven sessions, Russia is committed to highway construction is an international professional exhibition, is committed to solve the construction and operation of the Russian intelligence traffic, construction model transportation network has an important driving role in road construction in russia. The last exhibition attracted about 200 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, including Austria, China, Czech, Ukraine, Turkey and Holland, with 5023 professional audiences.
Market overview:
Russia has a vast territory with a population of more than 1.4 million, while Russia’s roads are as sparse as its population. Russia’s highway density is very low, the “no road” situation for some villages is a problem. As a result of the highway, Russia’s national economic losses are enormous, reaching 6% of GDP annually.
Aware of the urgent need of road construction, a series of construction projects have been put on the agenda. Russia in the next 10 years will expand the scale of highway construction 1 times. The government decided to set up a federal and regional road fund for pooling funds and maintaining roads. By 2020, the federal highway fund, along with the district road fund, will save large sums of money, bringing the total to 8 trillion rubles. Among them, the regional road fund will be more than half, reaching 4 trillion and 600 billion rubles. The Russian government has confirmed that the total budget for road construction and rehabilitation will reach 1 trillion and 390 billion rubles (about 300 billion yuan) in the 2010-2019 years of road planning. Visible, Russia road construction industry market potential is huge, business opportunities unlimited.
Scope of Exhibits
1. Traffic engineering materials: asphalt materials, concrete, highway materials, maintenance materials, fire protection, waterproof materials, bridges, tunnel reinforcement, adhesives and so on
2, road, bridge and tunnel facilities and supplies: road lighting, road lamp control device, protective net, manhole cover, sound insulation, traffic signs, reflective materials, road construction and maintenance and related equipment, Bridge Road, tunnel construction machinery and equipment, accessories, etc.
3. Traffic safety related products: traffic signal system, traffic signs, guardrail, lighting facilities, safety barriers, car anti-theft devices, etc.
4. Intelligent transportation: traffic monitoring and communication system, intelligent traffic management system, highway communication, toll collection system, etc.
5, road machinery: tire roller, static roller, vibration roller, etc.
6 、 Luqiao testing instruments: asphalt and asphalt mixing test instruments, subgrade, road surface testing instruments, etc..

Poland Gdansk Rail Transportation Exhibition

Introduction: TRAKO is the largest in Poland, Europe’s second largest railway industry exhibition, TRAKO exhibition from Europe and the rest of the world’s most advanced railway transportation system (train and TRAM) and railway infrastructure, promote the railway transportation, freight forwarding and logistics development. The exhibition is held every two years and has been strongly supported and fully affirmed by the Ministry of communications of the Poland and the Ministry of construction and marine economy.
Poland Gdansk amber Exhibition Centre map (G hall for the new extension Museum)
Market analysis: Poland has convenient land, rail and water transportation, with air routes connecting major cities and neighboring countries. However, compared with developed countries, Poland’s infrastructure is relatively backward. In recent years, Poland has increased its investment in infrastructure, and its transport network and port facilities have improved. The distance between cities in Poland is not more than 600 kilometers, which is most suitable for the development of railway transportation. At present, Poland is only more than 700 kilometers per hour to run the railway line more than 160 kilometers, the main city lack of rapid rail connection. Poland’s infrastructure ministry hopes to build a railway line with an average speed of 160 kilometers per hour between 12 major cities in Poland by 2020. The target investment fund, partly from the EU fund for 2007-2013 years, that is about 12 billion euros, the EU funds can be used for the construction of Poland railway. Visible, Poland railway transportation market demand is huge, the prospect is considerable.
Gdansk is the capital of Poland province of Pomerania, it is also the largest city in the northern part of the country in the coastal area and the most important seaport, a population of about 470 thousand. Gdansk is an important shipbuilding, petrochemical, mechanical and food processing industrial center in Poland, with two seaports. It is also an important centre of science, culture, art, higher education and Museology, with a well-developed marine tourism and entertainment industry.
Review: 2015 eleventh TRAKO international railway exhibition attracted more than 600 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, the exhibition area of 20000 square meters, 15473 professional visitors, show the orbit of 800 meters long, held more than 30 seminars, conferences and exhibitions, as well as advanced technology or product award. Exhibitors include: Poland’s largest railway company PKP group, Bombardier, fsero group, railway technology providers and government organizations, and related enterprises of railway construction from Czech, Austria, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries participating.
The TRAKO exhibition by the Gdansk International Expo Co. Ltd. (MTG SA) and PKP group jointly organized. The TRAKO program committee also includes the following organizations: the chamber of Commerce and Industry Bureau of land transport (IGTL), engineers and technicians of Poland Transport Association (SITK RP), Poland Association of electrical engineers, the chamber of Commerce of Poland city traffic (IGKM), Poland International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA), railway Business Forum (RBF) and railway transport association support and sponsorship.
Scope of Exhibits
1. Railway Technology: rail transportation and railway vehicle parts and equipment and electrical equipment, railway engineering equipment, information technology, communication technology, intelligent city traffic, city planning, transportation, disaster prevention, safety management technology, energy-saving technology, universal design;
2. infrastructure: the track structure (PC sleepers, fasteners), rail equipment (railway structure, railway switches, wires, interlocking equipment), bridge tunnel method, civil engineering construction technology and maintenance, monitoring equipment, disaster prevention equipment, platform platform and vehicle equipment;
3. power / transport / rail operation management: power equipment, switching substation, power supply system, overhead equipment, railway operation management system, communication signal facilities, train protection technical equipment;
4. vehicle configuration and interior: body structure, running gear (bogie, pipeline, lubricant, drive gear and coupling device damping equipment), vehicle information transmission, battery, brake, seat, safety facilities and other facilities; seat, vehicle facilities, catering solutions, lighting technology, design services, passenger comfort, toilet system and toilet system, system integrators, test equipment, catering systems and technology, information and entertainment system, anti sabotage system, HVAC system, floor solutions, safety equipment, maintenance suppliers, cleaning solutions, advanced composite materials etc.;
5. passenger services: station configuration, general construction, media advertising, booking systems, disaster prevention, security measures, etc..
Professional visitors include: city rail lines and operators, to seek the cooperation of suppliers, contractors, construction and maintenance of railway network operators and maintenance company, traffic planners and consultants, traffic management experts, communication and data processing experts, freight logistics company, etc..

The twentieth International glasses exhibition in Russia

Exhibition introduction:
Russian International glasses exhibition is an international professional exhibition, Russia International glasses exhibition began in 2009, held every year for 2 years, divided into February and September, is a professional exhibition of Russian glasses industry the highest specifications, the highest frequency and most influential. Although the exhibition has not been held for a long time, it has achieved great success every time, and has kept improving and showing new achievements. It has become the largest spectacles exhibition in the Far East asia. As a new market in Europe, the consumption rate of glasses related products has increased significantly from 10% to 15% annually. The scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors are continuously expanding. During the exhibition will be held in a fair trade matching, provides an ideal platform for the brand to negotiate around the world.
The last exhibition has nearly 100 exhibitors from all over the world, with 295 brands on display, and close to 4000 professional visitors.
Introduction of Russian glasses market:
Russian glasses market trends and orderly development, according to the Russian RBC mechanism on “pointed out that among Russian glasses market ranking”, currently Russia’s glasses market has been fully formed, showing a new trend: formal trade outlets glasses glasses supermarket, salon, senior glasses shop, and the high quality of the products. According to the latest assessment of experts, glasses market size of 14-15 billion U. s.dollars. Among them, the formal retail market accounted for 50% of total sales, and the rest is sales generated in stalls, kiosks and market greenhouses.
In recent years, the rapid development of the Russian Trade Center has greatly expanded the business area of large cities, resulting in the number of glasses salon in or around the trade center several times. Experts said that in Moscow and St Petersburg, glasses market is more developed, nearly 65% belong to formal trade, and ten years ago is entirely another situation, and even in Moscow, regular trade accounted for only 20% of the market.
Has an important influence on the formation of the Russian Civil optical lenses and medical lenses market, which greatly promoted the sales of these products in various regions across Russia and attracted many foreign partners and investors.
Scope of Exhibits
Eyeglass lenses, frames, lenses and contact lens care products are mirror, sports glasses, children glasses, sunglasses, poor eyesight crowd glasses and glasses production of raw materials, glasses boxes, glasses cloth, glasses, glasses accessories, decorative glasses chain, instrument, barometer, optical glasses, optometry equipment processing equipment and facilities, eye disease research and treatment, retail equipment and optical shop interior design, decoration, window display room equipment, advertising materials, eyes Science Journal software.

2017 American quality Summer Food Exhibition

The exhibition was first held in 1955 and has nearly sixty years of history. The organizers are NASFT National Association for the Food Trade Specialty (Inc.). NASFT was founded in 1952, is a non-profit trade association, composed of domestic and foreign professional food industry manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, brokers, retailers, restaurants, catering owners and other professional, commercial and trade aims to foster and encourage professional food industry. Today, NASFT has more than 2900 member companies in the United States and overseas.
First, the exhibition every year in winter, spring and summer quarters held once every winter show, held in San Francisco on the west coast, the spring exhibition held in Chicago (in the spring exhibition has been canceled), the Summer Exhibition held in the east coast of New York (for New York Pavilion maintenance, 2010 and 2011 two Summer Exhibition held in Washington). These exhibitions are considered the preferred place to enter the field of professional food trade. Every exhibition attracts approximately 19000-24000 people from professional food, wine, department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, mail and other related industries attended, 87% of which are business decision-makers or people can affect the enterprise purchase decision. At the show, visitors can see up to 260000 specialty foods displayed by exhibitors from more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. During the exhibition, NASFT will be held dozens of seminars on food and some other activities.
Scope of Exhibits
Fresh food area: meat, processed meat, fish, salt, dried fruits, fruits, etc.;
Processed food areas: Cereals, spices, noodles, prepared meals, chilled, frozen foods, dairy products, bread, tofu, quality foods, etc.;
Beverage areas: soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, functional beverages, mineral water, etc.;
Confectionery areas: cakes, fresh desserts, frozen desserts, confectionery products, etc.;
Equipment and materials: store decoration and construction equipment, warehousing, logistics, quality management, packaging paper, binding equipment, food manufacturing equipment, cooking equipment, cold storage and refrigerated display cabinets, display cabinet, vending machine, display signs, parking lot related equipment, safety equipment, fire fighting equipment, and accident prevention the rest of the game facilities and equipment, cleaning and disinfection of equipment and materials, recycling equipment, waste treatment equipment, equipment, and other related marketing design;
Information service area: various software services, related magazines, newspapers, books, franchising, promotion services, associations and public institutions, etc.;
Clothing, daily necessities: clothing, daily necessities, groceries, medicines and nutritional supplements, beauty products, pet related products, etc.;

South African International Food Fair 2017

South Africa International Food and Beverage Exhibition Africa’s Big 7 is the food and beverage industry in Africa, ranked first in this exhibition, thriving and diversified market, buyers and retailers from around the world looking for food ingredients and finished products, semi-finished products, here in new packaging and technical solutions. The exhibition is divided into seven themes, respectively: Pan African food retail trade, agricultural products processing and production, technology and food ingredients, baking equipment ingredients and processing equipment, beverage products and processing and packaging technology, retail solutions, services and equipment in the food industry. The exhibition brings together all around the world, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors / agents, independent and chain retailers, importers and food service industry elite and professional, is the best way to develop Africa market oriented or enterprise.
Afica’s Big 7 has been the longest and most trusted show in Africa since twenty-first Century, and has been closely linked with local and global suppliers throughout the continent.
Scope of Exhibits
1., agricultural products processing: fruits, vegetables, organic food, food ingredients, additives, aquatic products, groceries, grains
2. food ingredients: spices, seasonings, pigments, additives, colorants, sweeteners, plasticizers, dairy products, cheese products, etc.
3., food technology and international food and beverage: food processing technology and additives, food machinery, refrigeration technology, packaging technology; Pan African retail food and beverage series
4., baking equipment: baking equipment, baking ingredients, processing equipment
5. retail and chain: retail technology, retail food, retail channels
6. food packaging: packaging paper, trademark, label paper, aluminum foil, anti oil / water proof paper; food packaging materials and packaging machinery, food processing machinery, food inspection technology and equipment, food processing technology and equipment, food testing equipment; cloth bags; packaging materials, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging sponge; composite materials; packaging materials; commercial food service

Australian International Hardware Fair

The Australia International Building Materials Exhibition is the largest exhibition of building materials in Oceania. The exhibition is ranked first in the industry in Oceania, and also one of the most professional and technical trade fairs of construction and building materials in the world. The exhibition takes place in Sydney and Melbourne, and is an important channel for building materials enterprises to enter the Australian and Oceania markets. At the same time, the exhibition is strongly supported by the Australian government, the Australian Architecture Association, building designers association, Australia stone Consultants Association and other departments and units, each year to attract a large number of international architects, designers, developers, engineers, government representatives, contractors, importers, distributors and other visitors. During the exhibitions will be held at the same time, a large number of new product promotion conference and all kinds of professional seminars around the international building materials industry, including the future life Home Furnishing innovative architectural design research shows, product innovation Exchange Exhibition Lecture Series angle, industry experts and construction equipment exhibition site etc.. Therefore, the exhibition is an ideal platform for Chinese enterprises to promote brand and product publicity and launch new products.

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